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Blanks Sublimated Apparel - VS- Cut & Sew Sublimated Apparel

When it comes to sublimated apparel, there are two options to chose from, both have pros and cons. The first option is blank sublimated apparel. This process involves sublimating on finished garments that have already been manufactured, such as t-shirts, hoodies, dresses, etc.

The second option is cut & Sew. This process is quit the opposite of blank sublimation. With cut & sew the fabric is decorated with your design then sewn together.

Blank Sublimation

Blank sublimation is very popular as it has a fast turnaround time and is more economical than cut & sew. It can be printed on one just the front side of the garment or both sides.

Blank Sublimation is not a perfect process. As our team of printers aim to give you the best finished products, there are issues beyound our controll

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